Release 1.1.0 update for defence game – CastleOfDuck

(Seoul, July 7 2014) – Today, newbieCAT released a update about defense game ‘CastleOfDuck’ By this update, difficulty is adjusted with user’s feedback, new free character and new theme are offered, theme 2 become free.


This update reflects user’s feedback, difficulty is adjusted more easily. When enemy invades a castle, by using stones player can defeat all enemies around the ladder. Add a new function that heroes automatically use their skills regardless of SP. Player can counterattack against enemies’ rush.

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Also, when player completes a tutorial(theme1 1~4), a new character ‘defender’ is released for free. The defender has more strong attack than novice. If defender activates his skill, make enemies stop for a moment and reduce their length of pattern to 3 point.

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New character and theme 4 are added to this version. The users who already purchased a previous themepack can play for free. Additionally, theme 2 became free. All users can play!

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Theme 4 include new map where a river across the map and new enemies who attack under cover of the river. Player needs to consider this character to clear the stage.

CastleOfDuck is free for download and includes In-App purchasing.

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