Hello! This is newbieCAT’s second game ‘CastleOfDuck’!

CastleOfDuck is a defense game defeat enemies by drawing a pattern.

Evil turtle troops invade a peaceful Ducky planet.
Valiant ducky heroes are preparing castle defense against invasion of Turtle troops.
Get ready for battle to save Ducky Planet by helping duckies out.

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Combination drawing pattern with defense game!
Enjoy various theme in Ducky Planet!
Various ducky heroes with powerful skills!
Characterful turtle troop enemies!

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Press release
newbieCAT Launch new game CastleOfDuck / 한국어 / 日本語
Release 1.1.0 update for defence game – CastleOfDuck / 한국어 / 日本語


Directed by SungHyun Lee
Programmed by SungHyun Lee, ByungNam Kim
Arts by ByungNam Kim
English translated by ChocoMilk
Original music by J.Hwan

CastleOfDuck (C) 2014 newbieCAT. All rights Reserved.