BricksItOut is the game slide and break a brick.

Check the color of brick at top part.
Find the brick of same color then slide in same direction and break the brick.

If the brick of top part disappear, you receive a time penalty.
If you break bricks consecutively, you receive a time and score bonus.

A variety of modes are waiting your play with great fun.
Get a high score and achievements for a limited time and compete with your friends.

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Press release
newbieCAT Launch brand new game BricksItOut / 한국어 / 日本語
New mode of free indie game ‘BricksItOut’ is Updated! / 한국어 / 日本語


Designed, Directed by SungHyun Lee
Programmed, Arts by ByungNam Kim
Music, Sound Effects by propanmode
English translated by ChocoMilk

BricksItOut (C) 2014 newbieCAT. All rights Reserved.